Proper English is Dead for Blogging

Proper English is Dead for Blogging
I believe that proper english is dead for blogging. All you need is to write decent enough english that the average people can understand you. You really do not need to spend countless hours trying to write perfect english. In fact, you will find that you spend more time to write for the machines or aka web spiders that crawl on your sites. You will begin to write more for the keywords that can catch traffic from various sources. However, my statement that proper english is dead for blogging are based on these main factors:

1. People want Quick Facts
People nowadays just want quick facts, data, and headlines that they could read. They do not want to read paragraphs and paragraphs of informations. Typically if you cannot give you readers what they want, you lose their attention right away. Sometimes proper english may be detrimenting to that effect. Just state out what you want to say, quick and clear so people see and understand it easily.

2. Competition Among Other Blogs and Websources
When you blog for money, you are essentially competing for traffic against all the other bloggers who are doing the same. If you stress over proper english over the content that readers are seeking, you will lose out on valuable time that you would other wise spend to generate content. Save yourself the trouble by not stressing 100% correct english, just pump out the contents and guides as fast as you can to generate readers. Most of the time, your readers will not choose other people just because they say english better. As long as you have the valuable contents that they seek, you will do fine.

3. Machine Talks
Bloggers do have to take into considersation of SEO and keyword optimization, yet, you are not really writing proper english for your readers. You are really writing for the crawling web spiders that visit your site automatically. Because of this effect, these spiders do not care if you write proper english or not, just make sure that you have the correct keywords so that people can find your blog.

4. Average Level of English
Depending on your audience, the chance is that your audience have average or low level of English. Unless you are writing for doctors or lawyers, you really do not have to write proper english. Again, write to your audience accordingly. Unless your audience expect 100% correct english, do not bother to kill yourself over it.

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