Full Time Blogging as Only Income is Just a Dream

Full Time Blogging as Only Income is Just a Dream

Full time blogging is becoming harder and harder. To achieve full time income as a full time blogger, you have to work really hard nonstop for hours without any visible monetary gain. You are competing against all the other full time blogger or even groups of blogger for the limited numbers visitor browsing hours.

Without proper planning and education in expectactions, if you dream of being a full time blogger right at the beginning, you will quickly burn out as one. Or become desperate of income.
If you really want to pursue blogging as a full time career, you should start by creating a site during your non working hours. At least build the site to where you can live semi comfortally with the blogging site as only income.

By jumping into blogging as a full time job, you will quickly be despaired and out of work. Be very careful if you are going full time blogging as your only source of income. The lifestyle can both be very volatile and inconsistent that it can drive many people, especially your loved ones crazy.

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