How to Get More Followers to Your Blog

How to Get More Followers to Your Blog
As a beginner blogger, your first hurdle is to get over the fact that no one really reads what you write. Until you have a great number of followers who read your blog consistently, you can safely say that your blog will fade out with time.

Below I will discuss some of the ways to get more followers to your Blogspot blog.

1. Follow Other People’s Blog and Ask for Follow Back
This is a surefire way of getting some initial followers when you are first starting. However, this method is pretty slow and is a pure numbers game. Only about 5% of the people whom you follow will follow you back. Sometimes that number is even lesser if you have a focused topic.

2. Ask Your Readers to Follow You
Simply make the follow me button be seen on your blog. Ask people to follow you once in a while. Occasionally your readers do so when they like the content that you put on there. It is harder to get automatically followers without you asking for you. So hey why not just simply ask for it. It does not hurt, you do want people to follow your blog, so you should ask for it.

3. Write Good Stuff
Write good stuff so that people would want to know and read more. Write good and original content so that you are the only place to go. By doing so, you will for sure gain more followers in the future.

4. Be Consistent
Be consistent about your tone and your posts. When you consistently post new and up to date content, you will get more followers over time because your loyal followers expect you to write good content that they could learn from.

5. Promote Promote Promote
Promote yourself by using various methods! Without promoting your own blog, it is hard to get the words out about the great things that you have written. Never give up or stop promoting yourself, especially on the competitive internet world. Get the words out about yourself.

6. Build Relationships
Buid relationships with your readers. Respond to people comments. Write what people truly need and what they ask for. By building relationships with your readers, you will get more followers to your blog because they would know that you care for them.

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