How to Find Time to Write More Blogs

How to Find Time to Write More Blogs
When you first begin to blog for money, I recommend you never to quit your full time job and start blogging for full time income. However, you will have problems in trying to find the time to write more blogs. Below I will share some of my pointers and tips that help me to find more time to work on my blogs.

1. Turn off the TV
How much time have you wasted in front of your TV watching pointless shows? How about those stupid reality shows? Turn off the TV and use that free time to blog. You would be surprised how much you could get done within those short time frame.

2. Consider Switching to Public Transportation
I personally write most of my articles on the Metrolink Train. I travel between Orange County and Downtown Los Angeles on a daily basis, which means that I get pretty much two hours every weekday to work on my blog. Switch to public transportation to get more time for yourself, yes you will end up spending more time traveling, yet you get some of those times back by using them to your benefit.

3. Lower your regular transit time
Consider moving or finding a job that is closer to your home. By lowering the amount of time that you spend traveling from and to your work, you will save more time which you can use to blog.

4. Save Time for Yourself
No matter what you do, reserve some time for yourself so that you can work on your blog. Call off hangouts with your friends and let your family know when is your blogging time. Or even dedicate one hour before you sleep, wake up one hour before your work. Save the time for yourself so that you can work on your blog more often.

5. Use Idle Time at Work
Although this is exactly not ethical, work on your blog at work if your work is slow. Use your idle time at work to

6. Consider Eating Out More Often
Save your cooking time by eating out. That way, you can spend more time to work on your blog.

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