SEO is Pointless for Beginner Bloggers

SEO is Pointless for Beginner Bloggers/b>
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a great tool to have if you have many online assets. SEO helps your site gets ranked higher and more often by search engines. However, I personally think that extensive SEO is pointless for beginner bloggers. Below are the reasons why I think so.

1. Investment of Time
While you can spend countless hours learning from gurus about SEO, you can spend the time to generate awesome contents. As a beginner, you do not have too many online assets, let alone enough contents to even worry about SEO. Sure SEO help you get your content out better with search enginers. Yet you are better of creating really great content so that all your visitors become your loyal followers.

2. Competition
When you spend much time worrying about SEO, you need to also worry about your online competitions. There are also many people who compete for that one top spot in search engines by optimizing their sites or blogs to the max. Again, while you are worrying about competing in the SEOsphere with the other writers, you should focus more on the contents. All the gurus out want the bloggers to kill each other by over-optimizing so they can get more money by selling whatever they teach. As a beginner blogger, you should not worry about SEO.

3. Building Links
Instead of killing yourself by worrying about SEO, you should spend more time building and promoting links to your site. Because of all the competitions out there over search engine results, you may not get that bad of a deal by investing your time building links. Build links to your site with your felllow beginner bloggers, answering questions and promote yourself in relevant forums, or even write for other well known sites as as ehow, knol, or hubpages. Work on building inbound links from the outside world is better time spent than over optimizing your content.

4. Simple SEO concept
If you really have to worry about SEO, all you have to know are the following: 1. Use clear and short URL that address your content, 2. Use your keywords throughout your content. 3. Place relevant keywords near the top of you content. As a beginner, all you really need to know are these three things. Other than these, spend more time in writing quality content that will help others!

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