Is Adsense Passive or Residual Income

Is Adsense Passive or Residual Income
When I first started blogging for money by monetizing my blog with Adsense, I did quite a bit research into whether or not it was possible for myself to make decent amount of income. The flat answer that I found was no. It was not quite possible for blogging to become my full time job, at least not during my first two or three years or writing. However, during my research I have ran across multiple bloggers who said that Adsense was their passive income. I find that is really a misconcept.

Adsense is definiately not a passive income, you have to continuously putting work into it in order to get money out of the traffic that is generated through your content. Passive income is more like incomes that are made off existing propertie or money that you have.
I consider Adsense as residual income, where your previous work can continuously bringing you more money. Given that you have to work continuously for that amount of money. This concept reminds me more of the multi-level marketing scheme where your downlines continously generate you money given that you are active in selling and purchasing of the products.

As an adsense publisher, I believe that you should not count on Adsense as the only source of income. You would either be really disappointed and will not be able to support yourself. Adsense should only be used for blog publishers as a side source of income at least until you can generate thousands of dollars for a couple of months.

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