Quit Your Job and Become a Full Time Blogger

Quit Your Job and Become a Full Time Blogger
You hate your job and you have been reading about how people have made money online by blogging. However, should you really quit your job to become a full time blogger? The task is not as easy as it sounds and there are many drawbacks in this decision. Below I will go over some of the ideas that you must consider before going this scary route. Blogging full time is not for everyone.

1. Money Reserve
Do you have enough money to burn while you are working on your blog? At the beginning, you will most likely be making pennies, if lucky a few adsense dollars. It is very unlikely that you will be making Benjamins at the beginning of this journey. Because of this, you should have saved enough money to burn while building up the site. Just like any business, you could potentially use up all of your savings before you have a successful blog.

2. Backup Plan
Make a backup plan in case that your full time blogging career does not work out. You do not want to blog for a couple years only to give up at the end. Yes, you may gain quite a big of skills of SEO, marketing, organization, customer service, and writing. Yet, these may not be the skills that your future career is looking for. Plan a backup in case that things do not work out.

3. Existing Blog
Do you have an existing blog? Have you had experience with writing content to make money? Some existing experience goes a long way for your success. Make sure that you start a blog first and generate some traffic. Depending on your blog topic and audience, you should have a daily visitor in the thousands and make at least 1,000 per month before you think about quitting your job. By having an existing blog can take off a lot of pressure with making enough to survive.

4. Your Passion
Do you have a passion in writing content and generating traffic? Can you work on your own to constantly push yourself to write more? By making blogging a full time job, you will no longer have a boss who will tell you what to do. You have to consistently write and innovate to make money off it. You must have a passion in blogging.

5. Your Skill Set
Hone your skills in generating contents, proper SEO, and market your internet presence is also key to success. As a beginner full time blogger you might not have those necessary skills in order to succeed. Practice before you jump in as a full time blogger.

6. Your Knowledge or Topic
As a full time blogger, you bring to the internet world your knowledge and the topics that you are discussing. You should really know what you are talking about, at least more than the average person in order to succeed. Never cover a topic just because the keyword is more juicy. You will easily lose audience when they figure out that you are just full of lies.

7. Family and Friend’s Support
Your family and friends may ridicule you for your silly belief that you can make it as a full time blogger. Or they would support you on the surface but ridicule you behind your back. If you really want to quit your job to become a full time blogger, be prepare to lose or fight a few of your family members or friends over it. Money will usually surface as a big issue, especially when you are not making any money as a beginner full time blogger.

8. Watch Out for Burnout Stage
Once you become fulltime, you consistently seeking out new topics and things to write. Once in a while, you will most likely get burned out. You get tired especially when you are not making any money. You get tired when the piece you have worked on for weeks did not get any hits. As a full time blogger, learn to deal with these stages and survive through them is the key to success.

9. Volatile Income
The income through blogging is generated mainly through AD click throughs or affiliate product selling. The income could be quite volatile when people are simply not clicking on anything or buying anything. Be prepared when you make little to no money on a day to day basis. You could cover this more easily if you have a back up money reserve.

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