Great Topics For Blogging to Make Money

Great Topics For Blogging to Make Money
When I first decided to write my gaming blog, I was looking for which topics are the best to make money from. Although I chose to do game blog at the end of the journey, I did learn about which topics are the best to generate good income. However, at the end I have decided to continue my gaming blog because it is where my passion is. Even though gaming blog pays cents per click on its keywords, yet at least I am having fun while writing.

You could get a shot of the ideal by using Google’s Adwords tool to figure out which keywords pay the most. Below are some general catogries.

1. Finance
The world of finance is full of money, and service providers who are eager for client’s money. During this process, these providers will pay big bucks for the leads that your blog may generate for their business. This means that the finance industry may pay out big for your effort. Really good finance keywords can generate you 10’s of dollars per click.

2. Real Estate
Real estate is also full of profit for the real estate agent and brokers. Because of the massive amount of profit that they receive upon the closing of the deals, the brokers pay big bucks to those publishers who generate good leads.

3. Auto
Auto industry has always been a biggie because they are one of the most expensive things that people need and buy. These key words can generaet you 5+ dollars per click.

4. Anything that You can Sell at a High Price
Generally speaking, all the good topics to blog are the things that people need. Imagine that your blog is a magazine or a middle man where the perspective industry providers use to spread their brand and name. You get a cut of the profit that those industry make from completing a sale. Therefore, the more money that they make, the bigger cut that you will receive as the middle man. Look for topics with high profit and you will be rewarded.

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