How to Run Facebook Games More Smoothly

How to Run Facebook Games More Smoothly
For those of you who have crappy computers, running your Facebook games smoothly is one of the major challenge that you encounter on a daily basis. Below is a genertic guide on what will most likely work for your Facebook games. By using all of my tips, you should experience some speed up in your game play.

1. Turn Down the Game Quality
If you experience major slowness running your Facebook games, try to turn down the game quality. Usually the graphical engine will play a heavy toll on the game that you play.

2. Use Google Chrome
For some reasons, I find chrome to run Facebook games much nicer and smooth compared to Microsoft IE or Mozilla’s Firefox. Try using Chrome to see if it will help you with your game play.

3. Restart the Page or Even Browser
Sometimes the game or software has memory leaks that will eat up your memory. By restarting or reloading the Facebook game page or browser can release some of those memories. This step can boost up your game once again.

4. Use Memory Optimization Programs
Use memory optimization programs to help your compute manage the memories nicely.

5. Close All Unnecessary Programs
Do close all the programs that are running, both active and the ones in the background. Close all those programs can give your slow computer an extra boost to run the slow Facebook games.

6. Update Your Browser and Flash
Update your browser and corresponding flash plug-in to the latest possible. Usually these programs update on a weekly or even daily basis. By updating it, you make sure to plug all the leaks and take advantage of the new capabilities.

7. Get a New Computer
When all else fails, it is time to get a new computer. Computers and laptops are fairly cheap nowadays, you do not need to get the thousand dollars computers to run facebook games more smoothly. But if you are using one that you bought for 500 dollars three years ago, it is time to buy another one for 500. You will notice a huge difference in your game play. If you do not have the money, get a job, make some money online, or save money by not spending them!

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