Avoid Getting Blocked From Adding People On Facebook

Avoid Getting Blocked From Adding People On Facebook

One of the major challenge to really own at Facebook game is to avoid being blocked from adding people on Facebook. Depending on the amount of rejections that you receive from adding people, you will eventually get blocked. Especially if you are trying hard to add as many as neighbors as you can. People is power in Facebook games, by having active friends who play, you will OWN in any Facebook Games. I personally only have about 1500 friends on Facebook right now, yet I get consistently blocked from Facebook to add more people.

Based on my personal experience, I will list out some ways to avoid being blocked from adding people:

1. Do not Overspam Friend Add In One Given Day
No matter what you do, do not overspam add friend in one given day. Only do about 30~50 friend adds. Even if you see friend adds on social game forums, sometimes they are fake and run by scripts and spam agents. To be safe from being blocked by Facebook, you should limit the amount of adds that you request per day.

2. Build Network
When you are first starting, you need to be even more careful about adding people. I believe Facebook has background algorithm that limits you from adding people far out of your social circle. If you are creating a new accont simply to play games privately, you will run into problems right away because everyone whom you add will be not from your social or physical area. Therefore, when you are first starting, build your Facebook Friends network slowly.

3. Make People Add YOU instead
Get the words out. Post on Forums and leave comments to get people to add you instead. By having people requesting to add you instead, you avoid getting blocked because you will not get rejections or red points on your head. Make a habit of always asking people to add you on Facebook whenever you leave comments or post on forums.

4. Do Not Add Spam Agents
I do not know why people do this, but some software writes do make malicious softwares that spam messages all over the internet. You will often see similar posts that promote free things by various people. These people post those links without knowing so because they have been infected with mailicious programs. Do not add those people because they will for sure block you. They might not even play the game at all. You want to lower the numbers of rejections that you receive.

5. Only Add Those Who Want to Be Added
Lastly, only add those of whom wish to be added on Facebook. Check the forums for those “Add me” posts. While checking, only add those who type out genuine or custome messages. These include, add me I am level xxx with xxx. Avoid adding similar posts with different people because they might come from spam agents.

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  1. very good advice but some is wrong :) x

  2. lucky if 10 go through without a warning...

  3. Thanks alot ...so kind

  4. How to fix if u get blocked fromy adding friends?

  5. i only added 3 people and was then blocked