Do Well as a Non Cash Player on Facebook Games

Do Well as a Non Cash Player on Facebook Games
With facebook games becoming more commercial, they tempt you to sign up for offers or even pay cash for game coins. It is very easy to take out your wallet and pay for those nice little in-game boosts that you can receive. May it be neighbor boost, stronger weapons, or simply resources, the areas where they ask you to spend real money is countless. However, if you have decided to not spend any real cash in your facebook game, I have provided some tips for you to follow:

1. Look out for special offers
Look out for special offers that game company releases. Compare the “real world” offers that they have to decide which ones are the best. Sometimes the offers only require you to download some toolbars or use some sort of service for free. You need to watch out though to cancel those services on time before the companies start charging you.

2. Join Email Programs
Most games offer freebies via their Email spams (or programs). Zynga games offer a daily bonus for most of their games that include free energy or free items. Make sure that you do join them and check your emails daily for those free bonuses. The game companies nowadays integrate the program services pretty seamlessly with Facebook interface so it should not be a problem. The hardest part is actually checking your email on a daily basis to make sure that you do not miss any.

3. Visit Forums and Official Page for Special Announcements
Visit the forms and official pages often. They have these special announcements that offer freebies. Another way to do so is to join fan based forums or facebook groups, some fanatics continuously follow all the deals that they think is great. Although when you join these, most likely you will receive some spams from them as well. I recommend either join a real good fan group, or simply follow the official pages for special announcements.

4. Watch for What You Spend On
Watch what you spend on for the free in-game cash that you get. Most times game companies give free in-game currency when you level up or complete certain tasks. As a non-casn paying player on Facebook games, you have to really watch what you spend those hard earned dollar on. Make sure you get the most value out of these. Some of the best things to spend these money is through permanent items or items that can enhance your character permanently.

5. Do not Give in to Temptation
No matter what you do, once you decide to be a non-cash paying player, you should stick to your believe no matter what. You may have friends who kick your ass in the beginning because they pay money. But if you keep up the good work and play nonstop, you will eventually be the last one who laughs. You will end up with a great account without spending real money. Compared to another player who has an Uber account, who has spent enough money to buy a TV, a Car, or even a houes. You will have the last laugh if you choose not to spend money needlessly.

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