How to Find the next Great Facebook Game to Play

How to Find the next Great Facebook Game to Play
Facebook games are quite simple yet addicting to play. However, with so many game developers releasing Facebook game titles on a daily basis, it is becoming much harder to find a great facebook game to play.

Below I will teach you some of the methods that you can use to find the game that you might enjoy:

1. Through In-Game Advertisements
If you are already playing a facebook game yourself, you are likely to see facebook game Ad’s nowadays alongside the game that you are playing. You could check out new games from there to see if you will like them.

2. By Social Feeds
Very often your friends will send you game request that you can either accept or reject. By following the games that your friends play, you will be able to deduct which games that you will enjoy yourself.

3. Use Social Ranking
Visit social ranking sites such as Facebook Statistics – You can simply search for that term on Google. Check to see which games are the most popular. The chances are that the most popular games are decent games to play with.

4. Follow Social Game Blogs
There are several social game blogs out there that cover social games. You could also use SkyBlueRPG to see which games that you would like to play next. The games that I cover usually have some depth in them and should be fun to play for you.

5. Facebook’s Application Page
Try not to use this function when finding your next game. This function is good to keep in touch with the latest ones, however they are not so great at finding good games to play.

6. Choose Games By Developer
Usually developers have some what consistency in the games that they create. For example, Zynga Games is one company that delivers consistently great titles such as Mafia Wars, Farmville, and Now Cityville. You could choose to follow those companies for the latest releases.

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