General Guide to Own in Any Facebook Games

General Guide to Own in Any Facebook Games

After playing so many facebook games myself, I have come up with a summary of tips for you to get started and own in ANY facebook games that you encounter. Because I am tired of writing the same thing over and over, I will post this general guide to help anyone who wants to own without ever reading another guide. Although I will still write about how to own in specific facebook games, the concept stays pretty much the same for all the games.

1. Facebook IS a social game
Friends are power to the game. Friends give you power and friends give you speed boosts. Make sure you have as many friends as possible who are into Facebook games. Post in forums and review boards often so you get those people to invite you. Sure your friend list will be filled with strangers, but you will OWN at the Facebook game that you play.

2. Money CAN buy power
I do not care what the game developers say about their gold, coin, cash, blah blah cash system. The real money that you spend in game CAN and WILL buy your speed boosts and convinience. Spending real money wil boost your status in game roughly 50% to 100%. In some Facebook games you can buy super equipments and gear directly, or even stat points.

3. Sign Up for Offers
Regardless what game you play, it will most likely offer you free cash points for real world offers. And usually the direct TV offers are the best, sign up for offers to get you cash points. Although – if you do not really need the service, you are better off to spend money directly to buy ingame cash points.

4. You will Level UP the FASTEST if you play A LOT
This tip sounds dumb. But there’s some truths in it. Typically the sim-like games give you the best EXP and money returns for the 3 minutes or 5 minutes harvest. At the end of the game, you could fill up your entire schedule by doing those 3 minutes and 5 minutes things. If you can play continuously without stopping, those short harvest things are the way to go to give you lots of experience and money. This is true in most cases.

5. Gift Often
Gift people often if you want to receive gifts yourself. This is true when you have a really active ring of players who just gift to each other. Usually the giftback rate for new games are like 25% and for older games 10%. The more you gift, the more you receive. Gift as often as Facebook allows you to is a sure way of receiving the gifts yourself.

6. Buy a Good Computer or Laptop
I do not know about you. I use some really sorry computers that usually hang up while playing Facebook Games. For example, some people’s Frontierville Village crashes my computer. If you suffer the same fate as I, you should buy a good computer or laptop for yourself. By boosting up your game play speed, you can own the game faster than you know.

7. Watch Out for Freebies
Join Game Forums. Download Toolbar. Join Email Program. Visit Official Page. Do all of these on a daily basis to make sure that you do not miss out on any freebies that you can receive. Typically during special occasions such as Christmas or New Years, lots of freebies are given out by these game companies. You would think why not, these virtual goods cost them no money!

8. Be Humble
Even after you think you OWN at the game, always be humble about your progress. Do share about your achievements but do not brag or be too proud. There is always someone with more real life money or NO LIFE than you. Do not feel bummed if someone’s higher level than you. You can eventually become the best in the game if you just continue at it.

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