Why the Game Search in Facebook Does Not Appear

Why the Game Search in Facebook Does Not Appear

Occasionally you have a new game that you want to test out. You have seen them appear on the feeds page of your friends. However, when you try to search for the facebook game title yourself, the game does not show. I did this myself and it took me 1 week to figure out why this happened.

This happened most likely because you have blocked the game application. I periodically block the game applications myself so I only receive the feeds on the games that I am focusing on. It is not easy to go through tons of feeds on a daily basis especially when you have over 1000 friends on facebook.

Anyways, when you do not see the games when searching for the game Title on Facebook, make sure you check that you have not blocked the game before and you simply forgot about it. To see the game back on your search list, simply unblock it from your privacy setting. To view the tutorial on how to unblock specific applications, visit

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