Your Franchise Business Type Strategy in Cityville

Your Franchise Business Type Strategy in Cityville
Franchising in Citiville is a great way to gain additional money on a daily basis. You have three chance at franchising 3 different kinds of businesses. It is crucial for you to plan ahead on what to play. Once you choose, you will be stuck it for the rest of your game play.

The three choice you get are unlocked at level 1 (beginning), level 10, and level 20.
The reason that you need to plan ahead is because you only get to supply your goods once per day. In addition, you only want to build good business on your friend’s lands and not crappy business.

The bad franchise business are the ones that take very little time to sell and get rid of. If you have too many of those businesses, you will constantly run out of energy simply to collect the earnings.

For example: Do not franchise Bakery and Video Game Stores. Those only take 10 food restock which means that you get less coins from supplying the goods.
This is my personal strategy for planning my franchise:

Level 1: Coffee Shop
Level 10: Pool Hall or Sea Food Restaurant
Level 20: Wedding Store

Hope this guide will help you from making bad decisions that will ruin your future game play. Good luck!

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