What Is Good About More Max Energy

What Is Good About More Max Energy
After playing Frontierville for a while, I do not feel that max energy is that important if you play fairly often. Below I will point out some of the benefits of having additional Max Energy. You can then decide whether or not pushing for additional max Energy is the right decision for you.

Currently in game, the ways to increase your max energy is quite limited. You could check my complete guide of increasing max energy for details.

Below are the benefits of having additional max energy

1. Longer Play Gap
Because you only recover 1 Energy point every 5 minutes. The max energy recovery per hour is 12 points. Therefore, you can afford to not play 12 points for every hour. So let’s say that you have 48 energy, you could not play for 4 hours and still not waste your energy points.

2. Better Refill Value
There are a few marketplace items in game that let you completely refill your Energy at a cost. By having more max energy, you get more bang from the buck. If you are considering spending real money to play Frontierville, you should focus on getting your max Energy up so you can level up faster from the All You Can Eat energy refills.

3. More Benefit from Leveling Up
The same ideas apply here compared to the Marketplace energy refill item. You completely recover your energy points when you level up. Therefore, by having more max energy, you can get more bang from a simple level up. However, because your leveling up is quite limited, the benefit is less important.

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