Leveling Up Fast, Simple, and Easy in Frontierville

Leveling Up Fast, Simple, and Easy in Frontierville
To level up fast in Frontierville, there are a few rules that you have to follow. I have broken down these principals into simple to understand categories. Hopefully by going through this blog post, you will be better equipped to beat any of your friends at Frontierville.

1. Friends Rule
Having lots of friends who gift and tend each other’s village definitely helps. You can get free energy through gifting, free exp, money, and items through social feeds. You should strive to get your close friends into Frontierville and add other Frontierville addicts if necessary.

2. Plan ahead
Planning ahead in Frontierville is essential for success. Plan with your real life schedule plus the realistic amount of time that you want to put into the game. By planning ahead of the harvesting times and building strategies, you can optimize and speed up your leveing process.

3. Conserve Energy
Conserve your Energy during times that you know you can play a lot. Or if you can use your Energy reserve to reach the next level.
Food/Collection Bonus/Gift Conservation
By saving up food, collection bonus, and gifts, you can use them at critical times.
Varmint Control
Do not kill the varmints as soon as they spawn. Wait until it is absolutely necessary to kill them. To see an example, read my other blog post.

4. Chicken Coop Strategy
Build 5 Chicken coops and purchase as many chicken as you can. Run them through the chicken coops 5 times daily to gain lots of EXP under a short period of time.

5. Make money and level with Decorations
Make lots of money in game by playing intelligently, you can then use those money to buy decorations for instant EXP gain.

6. Power-Up Your Village
Power-up your Frontierville village with buildings, especially the School early in game. You are eligible for many great bonuses that will increase your leveling speed.

7. Tend Neighbor Items with Max Return
Visit Neighbor often for instant EXP without any cost. Look for things that you know will generate decent EXP. Livestock such as mystery animals are great which give 5 EXP. Also tend or feed the horses for collection bonus that may award you mules.

8. Use Horseshoes Intelligently
Use horseshoes on horses and other things that are permanent. Never use the horseshoes for energy refills or coins. By only spending them on horses, you are more likely to obtain a mule through the horse collection bonus. Having horses are like having free energy refills every free days. In addition, you could use the Bear collection bonus to get instant ready on all your animals. So make sure that you buy horses.

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