Chicken Coop Leveling in Frontierville

Chicken Coop Leveling in Frontierville
Chicken coop leveling strategy is one of the most efficient way currently available in game. Chicken coops allow you to harvest all readied chicken instantly without spending energy.

What you need to do is to first max the numbers of chicken coops allowed which is 5. You can then buy as many chicken as your land space allows. Go through the daily collections for the chicken. You may have to wait 30 minutes between each collection because 30 minute is the ready time for chicken.

Once you are done with the chicken, you could either sell them for food or keep them for more EXP. You could search on youtube for some videos with chicken coop leveling villages.

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  1. The maximum chicken coops are 15. I have 15 coops and 550 chickens and currently at level 96. Zynga stopped you from getting more coops since they developed the "Super" coop but the problem with that is you have to use 1 energy with each chicken you feed in these coops. I just keep minimum chicks in there.