Getting Traffic for Your Fansite

Getting Traffic for Your Fansite
The hardest part about creating a successful blog is getting your name and brand out. When you are first starting to write, nothing is more discouraging than having no one reading your content day after day. The truth is that no matter how great your content is, if no one knows about it, no one will come to read it. If no visitors come to your site, you cannot make any money off it.

Below I will teach you some of the major ways of generating traffic to your gaming blog. Some of which that I have used consistently, some of which I only use once in a while.

1. Advertise on Existing Forums
You could spread your link about your new blog on existing forums. Respect the rules that different forums have posted. What you can do is write a little excerp of your content, post it on forums along with your link. I have had some quality content which was reposted to various forums. These leads genereated quiet a bit of traffic for my blog.

2. Leave Comments with Your Links
Do a simple google search on what your site and blog is about. See what pops up. Leave a comment on those sites and blog with thoughtful ideas along with your links. Chances are that other people who are searching for those keywords will end up on the same sites that you went. In addition, they will see your link in your comments and go to your site.

3. Use Social Tools
Facebook, Twitter, and other social bookmarking sites are great way at genearting visitors to your site. Look for groups that are specially created for your blogs and post your links there. Although I find this method one of the least useful in generating leads because of the massive spams that are currently existing in many social sites.

4. SEO Friendly
Make sure that your blog is search engine friendly by making it easy to be searched. Some simple concepts include using keywords in your URL, link often internatlly. Do an online google search to learn more about SEO.

5. Create loyal fanbase
If at the beginning you have little to none traffic with no money. Do not get discourage, keep on writing and generating new content. Read what other successful bloggers have written. Just write and write, eventually people will catch on and come to read what you have to say. If you can have a consistent people base who visit daily, you will instantly get decent amount of traffic without promoting your blog site.

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