Reach Adsense Threshold Payment $100 Guaranteed

Reach Adsense Threshold Payment $100 Guaranteed
Upon finally reach my Google Adsense payment of $100 after 6 months of hardwork. Although I have spent quite a bit of hours writing and editing all my articles, I still think that every bit of it was worth it. Below I will share some of the top tips that I have for the new comers.

1. Be Patient
The top key I believe is to be patient with what you do. Look around on the web, there are plenty of people who have finally reached their Google Adsense threshold after years of waiting of earning passive income. If you are planning to grow any income with Google Adsense, long term thinking is necessary. Build your website so that it can continuously earn money for you while you are tending your other tasks.

2. Promote Your Site
You will not have good traffic unless you promote your site. Promote your site via various social websites as well as optimize your site for search engines. As a advertisement publisher, you earn money by the amount of people viewing your site. Putting the science of clickthroughs aside, generating traffic should be your number one concern. If you have less and less visitors, really think about what is wrong with your website. Always put the metric of your visitor counts over what would be the monetary metric. Remember, traffic comes before money does. Once you have the traffic, the threshold of $100 will not be seen as too far.

3. Follow Rules
Follow Google Adsense terms and condition is a biggy. There are ways where you could bend rules a little bit here and there, but eventually you may get caught. It is not worth it if you get banned even before you get paid from reaching the Adsense threshold of $100. Once you get caught and banned from the network, it is both a pain and a hassle to get the account back on track. So always always follow the rules that Google has requested you to conduct as a publisher.

4. Write Good Content
Generate good traffic and loyal visitors by providing people what they need. Provide the best forum support if you host a forum. Provide great games if you are a game publisher. Write awesome articles if you are a blogger. Provide unique informations if you are writing guides. Always give people what they want and in turn you will eventually get you want – which in this case is hitting the Google adsense payment threshold.

5. Never Give Up
Do not give up. Never give up, especially before you get paid. It may be frustrating to view your Adsense earning on a daily basis. And on one of these days that you only receive like 10 cents. Never give up on what you do, have patience and passion to continueously work hard. You will receive that Adsense payment of $100 in no time. I did, so you could too.

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