Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii Review

Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii Review
Story 8/10
Donkey Kong has to fight through Masked Tiki Enemies to get back the stolen bananas. Although you do not exactly need a story for a platformer game, I feel a little disappinted that the developers decided to bring in new enemies instead of the old. In addition, they have taken out some of the animal companions that you had in the previous SNES versions.

Control 8/10
The Controls for Donkey Kong Country is smooth and easy to handle. In addition, they give you some additional controls that you can use. You use the motion sensor of do the slapping motion. Some of the controls are not intuitive at first but you get used to them pretty fast.

Graphic 10/10
The graphic in Donkey Kong Country Returns is grand and beautiful. The colors are brilliantly done and the action motions are smooth.

Music/Sound 10/10
The music and sounds have been remixed very well. You will feel that all these soundtracks stay true to the original while bringing new tunes to the table. All the sound effects are crispy clear and have been recreated superior in Donkey Kong Country Returns

Game Play Difficulty 10/10
The game is pretty difficult with various places that can one hit kill you. You would have to memorize some of the postions, combination, in addition with several tries to complete the levels. This installment of the series is very hard. This is a double edged sword which can definitely challenge any experienced platformers. Even for the parts that are too hard, the Super Guide can pretty much help you as well.

Level Design 10/10
Donkey Kong Country Return has great and genuine level designs. You would feel that you would always be looking out for secrets and such. The level difficulty also keeps you on your toe. Everything mix together well.

Puzzle Element 10/10
The puzzle element of the game definitely stays true to the serie and brought it up another notch. All the puzzles and secrets are well hidden and placed. You would really have to carefully notice and trying things to collect all the puzzle pieces.

Overall Score 10/10
I highly recommend you to try Donkey Kong Country Returns if you are an experienced platform player. If you are not, you must be patient, flexible, and can control your temper. Everything else is just fun to play with. Donkey Kong Country Returns was totally nailed spot on. Everyone should be able to enjoy the game.

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