Earn More Adsense Money by Blocking Advertiser URL’s

Earn More Adsense Money by Blocking Advertiser URL’s
Adsense functions on a bidding system where perspective Advertisers bid on certain keywords. The ideal logic is that if your website visitors click on the same numbers amount of Ads regardless what AD it is, you will be able to make the most money because the highest bidder’s Ads will show up on your site.

In real world, people simply ignore and do NOT click on the irrelevant ads, no matter how much money that these ads could earn for you if they do click on the ads. 0 click of 1 dollar ads will generate you $0. 3 clicks of 50 cents ads will generate you $1.50. You see the logic here.

Therefore you can earn more money by manually going through the ads displayed on your webiste and block the ones that are not relevant. I will use my game blog as an example, I believe that you can figure out your own ways. Below are the adsense tips that I will share for blocking advertiser URL’s.

1. Do Not Click On Your Own Ad
While trying to find out the Advertising URL’s, remember to never ever click on your own ads to do so. Clicking on your own AD’s is considered as a violation of Google Adsense policy and you may get banned from the network.

2. Use Google Adsense Preview Tool
You could find and install the adsense preview tool. This little gadget can help you can a feeling on what kind of Ads that would appear on your site, however, I find that the showing is quite limited. You are better off at actually loading your site to look at the actual ads that are displayed. Nevertheless, the Google adsense preview tool is an awesome way to find the exact advertisement URL’s that you want to block.

3. Search Site Manually On Google
If you see an AD that you want to block, instead of clicking on your own ads, search for the term of google instead. It may include some flash ads that do not show you the URL. I found the root domain of charity ad’s that appeared on my blog, and I simply blocked the entire domain from my Google Adsense showing.

4. Block Dominating Ads
Block the AD’s that you see too often. Visit some other people’s websites and check if you see the same set of AD’s over and over again. Your visitors do visit other webistes and most of the time people develop AD numbness once they see the same thing for a couple of time. You can boost your click through rate and adsense earning by figuring those out. The chances are that these dominating Ads are too general and irrelevant to your site so you might as well block those too.

5. Use Common Sense to Determine Your Audience
Use common sense to determine who your common audiences are. For example, I am wring a game blog, for the most part my audience will be younger generation from 10 to maybe 25~30 years old. I should block out the AD URL’s that are not relevant to my audience. For example, if an AD for funeral home appeared because of my keyword “death” from writing about death in games. My first task is to block all of those funeral related AD’s. It is too soon for my audience to think about funerals.

6. Block Relevant Ads That Are Not Likely to Be Clicked On
Now, as a game blogger, I sometimes receive some relevant ads from the gaming industry. I want to point this one out especially because my website trigger this ad often. The ad is WoW guides or gold selling sites. Although relevant to gaming, I figured that my audience is not likely to click on any of those because I do not write about WoW. And if my audience is playing WoW, they would not have the time to read my guides about other games. Therefore, I have chosen to block every single WoW related URL’s from my Google Adsense.

7. Block Ads That Are too General
People only click on what they are interested in. You can boost your earnings by blocking out Advertisements that are too general. For example, I blocked Google from showing its Ads. I know it sounds wrong, but most of Google’s AD’s are not relevant to my audience because they are too general. Most of my readers do not care about Adwords nor do they care about Business advertising. These Google AD’s are simply too general thus become irrelevant. I blocked those to increase my Google Adsense Earning. Another AD that I want to note is Groupon AD’s, I find Groupon’s AD’s to be too generalistic and too dominating, therefore I have blocked it from my blog.

I hope these tips will help you to earn more Adsense money by blocking advertisement URL’s.

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