How to Win More Fights as a Beginner in Crime City

How to Win More Fights as a Beginner in Crime City
When you are first starting in Crime City, everything is new and you do not know much about fighting, let alone winning the fights. However, below is a simple guide that will help you win more fights consistenly as a beginner. As you progress further in game, you would need other strategies that can increase your stats further while getting stronger equipments.

1. Add More Neighbors
You are only as strong as the number of neighbors that you have on your team. Make an effort to add as many people into your Crime City mafia as possible. The more people that you have, the stronger that your attack and defense will be. Most of the beginners in game have little to none mafias in their friend list. This is the time for you to gather your friends power and fight to win fights easily at the beginner stage.

2. Equip Your Crime City mafias with equipments
Depending on the numbers of mafias that you have, you need to fully equip them with the strongest equipments that you can afford. Try to focus on the gears that give you more mafia attack than defense. The theory is that you should attack more than being attacked.

3. Pick Targets Well
Pick targets that look weaker than you. You could tell by only attacking people whose mafia size is grossly below you. For example if you have 15 Crime City mafias, you could pretty much win the majority of the fights against people who only have 2 mafia members. Of course there might be instances where you will lose, but it will be very rare only if your opponent has a huge boost or pump all their stats into defense.

4. Never Give Up
If you experience the rare instance of losing on a fight, do not give up. Check the targets menu again and choose a new target. There are plenty of Crime City people for you to kill. Just do you best at adding people and equipping them with the best possible. You will eventually become a force to be feared for in the land of Crime City.

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