Crime City Review

Crime City Review
Crime City is in a few ways similar to Mafia Wars if you have played Mafia Wars. Below is my review to the Facebook social game Crime City. A few items are brushed upon such as the social aspect, depth of the game, graphical element, strategy, organization, unique feature and finally playability.

Social Aspect
It is much harder to add and gift people as friends in Crime City. You are only allowed about 22~25 requests at once as of 12/23/10. It makes adding neighbors much harder than Mafia Wars. Yet, the majority of your attack and defense power is dependent on the numbers of mafias that you have. It makes adding neighbors ever more important given that it is hard to recruit people due to the 22 requests limit.

Many of the jobs and buildings require neighbors to gift you certain items. So it might be hard to progress through the game in Crime City without a substantial amount of active neighbors who are playing.

You could visit other player’s home base area which is fun because you will be able to “protect” their buildings from being robbed.

The game can be basically divided into three major elements. Regular job quest line which you could access via the map. Your Own Hood which plays like a strategy City building game. Lastly the social interaction which includes visiting your neighbors and robbing/killing other Crime City players.

The job depth is not that great, you simply just click and follow the tips while using up your energy points. The hood can be quite fun in the beginning while you are trying out and constructing various buildings. The social aspect is a nice addition to a boring sim game that you will be able to kill other Crime City players.

The graphical engine is quite good in my opinion. It does not completely slows down my computer unlike some other Facebook games that I have played. I love how you could actually gun down other players when you are fighting them.

The strategy element will be mainly based on how well you dedicate your energy in either doing jobs or fighting other Crime City players. You would also have to plan out how to build your Crime City hood. By proper planning out the buildings that you construct, you could either gain more money or energy with the properties that you have.

I think the organization of the major concepts are good in game. However the subcatories are poorly organized given the depth of the game. It is hard to find a good weapon for you to buy because of the different costs involved with cash, gold, respect, and diamond. I think the game would be a lot easier to browse through if they can come up with a better organization system.
Unique Feature

The unique part of Crime City compared to Mafia Wars is that you could build up your Hood from the ground up. The “sim” element of the game makes it unique and fun to play. Other than that, I think it is just a simple graphical version of Mafia wars with less elements and less content.

Overall Playability
GOOD. If you liked Mafia Wars, you definitely should try Crime City for a nice graphical change. However, the various social limitation and disorgnization makes it a turn off to play. Overall this game is still quite playable!

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