How to Catch Lainedeer in Monster Galaxy

How to Catch Lainedeer in Monster Galaxy
Lainedeer is an epic Moga currently available for players to catch during the holiday seasons. It is an epic tiered Moga with only roughly 9% chance of success rate for you to catch. Below are some of the tips for you to catch it.

1. Keep Yourself Low Level
The Lainedeer level when you meet it will be based on either your overall Moga level or your Moga teams level. I am not really sure because I met it when I first started the game and I managed to catch it. I believe that the Lainedeer level will be roughly 1~2 levels above you. So in terms of difficulty, Lainedeer will be relatively easier to catch when you are low level.
Side note: Lainedeer’s level may also be based on the field map’s level. If that is the case, you could do Lainedeer hunting in the low level maps such as Summerfield where I met it. I have already caught it so I cannot do any test in this regard.

2. Have Additional Starseeds Handy
Lainedeer is an epic Moga with low chance of catching. On average you will spend 11 Starseeds to catch it, sometimes you may catch it faster and sometimes you may never catch it. I was lucky enough to catch Lainedeer with my last Starseed. Save yourself some trouble of catching by always having a handful ready.

3. Heading Into Battle With Full HP
You want to head into fight with the Lainedeer with your best team with full HP and Zodiac attacks. Lainedeer is strong with powerful Mistle Toe attack that can take out your Moga with one single critical attack. So make sure that you are fully healed when you face him.

4. Search of Lainedeer with good Zodiac Moga team
Lainedeer has a Zodiac sign of Capricorn. Try to put team that is strong against Capricorn together when you go Lainedeer hunting.

5. Do Not Give Up
Epic Moga is not an easy task to catch. Do not give up if you do not succeed at first, you may even consider paying some real money to get the Starseeds. The bottomline is never give up and you may catch it eventually.

6. A note on Lainedeer Location
Lainedeer appear randomly on maps everywhere. However, most people have reported encountering it in Dark Woods. I personally met it in Summerfield which is one of the first 4 maps. If you are doing Lainedeer hunting, just keep on going to the same map and you may eventually see it.

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  1. Ok,I already catched Lainedeer
    I only used Four starseeds
    Can I call that Lucky ? I met it in summerfield too ! For you guys,I wished you all good luck
    Oh yeah,please give me the list of all epic mogas

  2. Yeah you were lucky ^^. I will add the list of all epic mogas as I play through the game~ so bookmark my blog and check back often~

  3. Got it with 1 Try(1seed) (9% chance)@ 3 HP(lv4)

  4. Anyone knows what is capricorn weaknesses!? :|
    Please tell me ...

  5. I think it has regenerate too so that makes it frustrating

  6. Cant agree more..! But after manage to catch one i stop playing this game...! Because my star seed that use to be 56 suddenly turn to 0 ...!! :(

  7. Here are some tips:

    Have a Coldbear with you. I saw a lainedeer about 5 times with him with me, and none when he was at home. (although first few times I accidentaly killed him, whoops. xD Good for XP though!!)

    Keep going to the beginning of the map. If you have a coldbear, I found a lainedeer one in every 3-5 'refreshes' but didn't lose any HP because all the mogas at the beginning are low level and can usually be knocked out in 1 go. Don't bother travelling back and fourth.

    I went through about 6 starseeds, but had easy to do quests on hand so if I ran out I could quickly run to someone and get a starseed.

    Lainedeer are WORTH THE EFFORT!! They are fantastic in fights, and their regenerate option comes in really handy. ;) That and you can boast to your friends about him, lol.

    In other words, don't give up trying, it's just a game and it's not the end of the world if you use your seeds up. It's not like you need them to catch commons you can find anywhere else, anyway.

  8. i caught Lainedeer in West Summer road with a Coldbear in my party, attacking him with a Nar (scorpio, 3X effective) and when it had 7HP left, 8% capture rate, i used a single star seed and he was caught. i was so very happy!! <3

  9. i caught a windja with just 2 starseeds ^___^ and oh i find it in rouge morg...its hard to find though in rouge morg,but you can find it in your quest but the level is too high(lvl25)i caught a 17 windja ^___^ hope you'll get lucky too ^__^. i havent catch a lainedeer...btw my name is hades...i used vuvu(2x effective)

  10. i really need star seeds i found him many times but couldn't get him

  11. i found it in warmwood trail 4 times 2 of which 1 killed by trying to lower its health and one 1 used all my starseeds so i ran from it and the fourth it killed my team

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  14. ^
    *I'm sorry, I was delete my post twice because I revise my bad english,, hehehe.. :D

    YES..!!! Thank's a lot for all your suggestions and advices in this article.
    May I share my experience? hehe..

    After I read this article carefully *haha*
    I try searching in low level place, but didn't find it.
    Then, I replace my desk with: 1.Heart (level 3), 2.Huey (level 3), 3.Coldbear (level 7)
    *I choose Heart & Huey because it's low level (lowest level I have), I choose Heart & Coldbear because it's Capricorn sign.
    And searching on more far place (I select Mourningwood Pass), my lucky, it's there at first of my visit. (it's Lainedeer level 7)
    I use Heart first, then Coldbear, changing again & again, use Blue Coffee for Heart (because of its low HP).
    Finally, when I use Coldbear (with Poison 2 released) at lainedeer' HP is low. I release my first Star Seed (really first), and catched..!!
    *I also almost did not believe it..
    I found 3x Star Seeds :D

    OK.. I'm sorry if my english is still bad.. :D

  15. Oh.. Sorry, again, I'm forget, I found 3x Star Seeds or 3x Blue Coffee. hehe..
    I think it doesn't really matter. :D

  16. i caught him him in summer field with 2 star seeds :)

  17. Laindeer has sure made the Galaxy Monster developers riiiich biiiiatch!!!!! $$$$$

  18. I've caught a lainedeer with only one starseed with only 9% chance of capturing it it is hard task but patience will help you. We don't need to spend so much dollars for us to capture the lainedeer for a week I've been looting for starseeds on defeated moga so boring way to get a free starseed but hey, don't you get it your moga team is earning some exp. while searching for lainedeer and looting starseeds

  19. I haven't caught it yet after 27 starseeds...

  20. hahah i get the war lepus it cool only 1 starseed

  21. >< i got a diabao (legendary, 4% chance of capture) with 1 starseed!!!

  22. can i still catch a lainedeer? i want to but i cant find it anywhere

  23. Hi i cant find it today 6/27/2011 i picked tigon and im finding it atleast 1hour cant find it XD