Level Up Low Level Moga Easy and Fast

Level Up Low Level Moga Easy and Fast
If you have played Pokemon, you know the best way to level up low level Moga is through “babysitting”, where you use higher level Moga to finish killing high level Moga. However, if you have never played Pokemon, I will go over some of the tips that you should watch out for when leveling up your low level Moga.

1. Low Level Moga Must At Least Take one Hit
Sometimes, when you start the battle against higher level Moga with your low level Moga, your Moga may take the initial hit. It is essential for it not to die during that first round before you can switch him out.

2. End the Fight Fast With High Level Moga
You should pick opponents in such a way that your high level can finish the enemy within one round. By doing so, you could fully use all of high level Moga’s attack points before having to napping it.

3. Best Setup to Level Up Low Level Moga
The setup that I like to use is to have 1 low level with 2 high levels. That way I can continuously level up before I need to nap either of the higher levels. In addition, I can have two different zodiac mogas to face different situations.

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