Why You Should Not Rush for End Game Stage of Online Games

Why You Should Not Rush for End Game Stage of Online Games

When more MMORPG’s has come to the market, the average life span of each game is appearing to be shrinking over time. I remember a couple years back when I was still playing Ragnarok Online, it was an year long quest to obtain level 99. However, with the more recent MMORPG’s, the leveling time has become shorter and shorter. Now, there are many online games that require no leveling at all. However, I do believe that no one should spend too much money to reach a game’s end stage faster. Below are my reasons why:

1. What is there to do after you reach the highest level?
I personally play MMORPG’s because I do like to grind and leveling up. Typically when I reach the highest level, I usually end up playing less and less and eventually quit. If you do play because you enjoy leveling up, you would find out that there’s nothing more to do after that last level. Although some games offer “rebirth”, “ascend”, “reborn”, and etc. However, most of the time you would just realize that you are playing the game all over again.

2. What is there to do when you clear the game’s final dungeon?
When you finish the game’s final content, you typically just continue doing the same thing over and over until you get that top gears. The initial thrill of actually beating it is no more. When you do one thing enough numbers of times, they now feel like a chore. Sure you worked hard to be able to beat it. You would feel thrilled and excited when you do beat it. Although that “first time” is the one best time it could be ever.

3. What is there to do after you get the top gears?
Progressing in content, getting new gears, making more money is always exciting and fulfilling in online games. Yet, what if you don’t have anymore “materialistic” needs in your game, what if all your gears are good enough for you to clear any dungeons? There is nothing much to do. Other than that you have some godly gears which was gained by blowing hundreds of dollars at Cash Shops. Think twice before doing everything that you can to obtain those top gears. Maybe you would realize that the end result is not really worth the effort.

4. No more next thing to look forward to
The worst feeling that you can have in any online world is to feel that there’s nothing else to do in-game. You would log on, kill a couple monsters or even players, walk around shopping area at some shops, talk to your guild to say hi, then log off. Soon enough you would not even bother to log on anymore and you switch to a new game. It is very common to observe people acting like this. This may very well happen to you. So why bother to rush to reach the final stage of an online game?

The only thing left:
You could either be nice to help other people achieve that last levels, or you could be evil and PvP kill anyone who is trying. That is all about what’s left in game after you have cleared all the content and leveled up your character to the maximum.

My point of this article is…you should slow down and smell the flowers to enjoy the process of the game. You should not be blinded of getting to the top as fast as you can. Sure you can get to the top really fast if you blow off all your real life things, or spend enough cash to fully power up your characters. But at the end, you would only feel empty and lost when there is nothing more to look forward to.

Although there’s not much “game play” that you could expect other than the next update. I do want to mention that there is always a social aspect of things that you can continue to do….such as constantly PvP, creating a guild, or write guides and share your experiences to earn some extra money. Yet in terms of game play, there is really no need to rush to the final content.

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