Iris Online Simple Class Overview and Guide

Iris Online Simple Class Overview and Guide

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This class has support and attack abilities evenly split. Yet their defense gears is weaker than humans so they are not recommended to be played.

The number physical damage output class in the game. It however has weaker defensive gears compared to the humans. Yet the high strength makes up for it..

It has high agility with many debuff skills. However, they are not really that strong to be used.

The fastest attacker of the game with great damage. It has the longest range physical attacks with high critical attack rates.

The tank class of Iris Online. You have potential more defensive ability compared to the Hybrids race.

Your strength is a little lower than the Hybrids, however you do have additional defense which makes up for it. You are pretty even in both the attack and defense.

Magicians have supportive ice attacks with AoE electric attacks. However, they are not that strong or useful to be played with.

The best supportive class in game. Priests also have the strongest healing ability out of all classes and races.

The class with the fastest speed with many transferable skills.  Some of its skills are geared toward Anti-Mage.

The archer class of the game. It has the long distance attack (not as much as hunters) with great critical strike percentage. Scouts do have some control skills that are more geared toward PvP use.

The fire attack master of the game, it has the highest output damage. It has supportive abilities in wind.

Sage has weaker healing ability compared to priests. It does have more supportive skills yet they are relatively weaker compared to the priest class.

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