Instant Fansite Ideas that You can Use for Your Online Game

Instant Fansite Ideas that You can Use for Your Online Game

If you are planning or are currently making a fansite, you must have times when you are stuck in thinking about the next topic. You can use the following ideas to generate more content for you.

1. Tables
You can never go wrong with providing raw and useful information such as EXP charts and crafting tables. Be careful though if you start to dig too deep into this, you might become a database fansite which takes a lot of work for little reward.

2. Starting Character Guides
You could pull in guides that have been written or even rewrite the guides yourselves. The online game players are always looking for good guides that they can model their characters on.

3. Skill or Other Strategy Guides
Consider writing more in-depth guides for the different combinations of skills or PvP/PvE strategies. People are always interested in guides that will make their game play smoother and better.

4. Record YouTube Videos
Add some of your own video via Video Stream sites such as YouTube can both generate your publicity and provide a good media that other people are looking for.

5. Up to date news
Add a little editorial whenever you repost the news that have been release such as the new patch. Write about things that you think would happen such as what would happen to the character builds and in-game economy. If you are fairly accurate with you predictions, you will be getting more and more followers who are interested to know about the future in their game.

6. Community Writings
Visit forums and ask for permission from other players to see if you could include their articles in your own fansite. This way you will get both instant content and possible advertisement from the author himself and his group of friends.

7. Original Drawings
If you are good at drawing or has a sense of artistic beauty, you could consider adding more graphics to your fansite such as backgrounds, characters. By providing these contents, you will be drawing more traffic from the people who are looking to incorporate graphics for their own use.

8. Other Misc Guides
You could write about other misc guides such as leveling or money making tutorials. If your site is consistently information and can teach people things that they have not known, you will eventually get more traffic by the people who are interested in your information.

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