What to Look for In Your Game Publisher’s Site

What to Look for In Your Game Publisher’s Site

MMORPG nowadays appear to have a “formula” of how they formulate their starting pages. When starting in a new online MMORPG, you can spend sometime to get used to their websites. Some of the information that you can get from those will be helpful in your online adventure.

1. Character Class Overview
Although this section is great for you to get a handle of the classes available, typically they are not exactly accurate in the descriptions compared to the actual game play. What you can do is to obtain the list of classes, then you could do a Google search for the particular game and class. You should be able to get a more in-depth guide after using this method.

2. Game Overview
For this section, you could most likely be able to skip the storyline. Let’s be real, with all the MMORPG looking and feeling the same most of the time, who cares about the story anyways. It is mostly all about the game play, graphics, and player community interaction. What you should look out for is to know what kind of systems is available in game – are there mounts, pets, or other special events that go on a daily basis.

3. Basic Player Control
This is a biggie especially if you are new to the MMORPG game play. If you are not so new, you would most likely be used to all the common hotkeys and movement controls. This part of the site is really optional though, because most likely in-game offers some kind of tutorial that shows you the basic controls. However, you should still browse through this section to get to know any short cut keys that you might otherwise missed.

4. Community Forum
Forums are one of my favorite place to go. You could learn about player sentiment towards the publishing company and the strategies to your game play and development of your character. Definitely read through the player forums to see if any of your questions have been answered.

5. Link to Social Networking Sites such as Facebook
Social Networking sites are biggie nowadays. Most MMORPG’s now have “fansites” pages on Facebook where they constantly release new information and new events. If you do not have an account in Facebook yet, go ahead and make one to join the fan Facebook page. You will be able to keep yourself updated through the game publisher’s updates and postings.

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