Why SkyBlueRPG’s MMORPG Review List is Awesome

Why SkyBlueRPG’s MMORPG Review List is Awesome

1. Short Reviews
I am an avid MMORPG gamer. I know that if you have played a couple of MMORPG’s with some experience under your belt. You just need to know a couple key words and you can play with ease. You do not need all those crap to know about why things are done a certain way. Things such as why EXP boosters are often available once the Cash Shop or Item Mall is open. My aim is to provide short reviews. The result is that minimum effort is required on your part to get a good handle on a new game.

2. Direct Links to Game Publishers
I do not know why. Many MMORPG review sites there are plain deceptive and confusing. They have all these “play now” links which lead to more of their own review pages, or even some other site’s review pages. Maybe they do this to boost their own page views and traffic. I think that is bogus, all we gamers want to do is to get to a list fast, read a little, watch actual game play, then sign up at the game. It should be a 5 minute process or less. It definitely should not be a painstaking experience to find the exact web link to those game publishers.

3. No Misleading Screenshots
A lot of review sites post screenshots. I always find those screenshots useless. They are either misleading in game’s graphical ability, or they are simple artwork that does not relate to the game play itself. In addition, they do not “show” the actual game play in terms of speed, control, and feel. Therefore, I waste no time in getting screenshots for you, and I expect any good gamers to say screw the screen shots as well.

4. Never Game Publisher’s Own Promotional Videos
Most online game review sites also post game publisher’s promotional videos, or they always de facto embedded as a part of their collection. Again I am purely dumbfounded a why a review site would post a publisher “Promotional” video. Reviews are critics and not promoters. SkyBlueRPG will always embed other major site’s recording of actual game play, or normal player’s game play videos. You can only really view the game when you view the video from real player’s perspective. The compilation of 5 seconds clips of maximum zoom characters slashing mob and casting magic from the official publishers, in my opinion – is again USELESS. They show nothing of the actual game play, but rather mislead players into thinking that the game is cool.

5. Complete List with Up to Date Games
I am consistently working on this part. SkyBlueRPG blog is run and maintained by only one person - me. Although that I am constantly adding more content, right now I am playing a catching up game to the other long established sites. Soon SkyBlueRPG will have the complete list of all the MMORPG’s on the market. Be sure to check back to SkyBlueRPG blog for new updates.

6. Coupled With Introductory Strategies (In My In-Depth Guide Section)
I am constantly adding more contents to SkyBlueRPG blog, these include introductory guides that relate to the games that I have reviewed. These guides will help you to get started with the game play if you do have questions. However, it should be noted that because I am still not a dedicated fan site to any particular game, the information that I do provide may be outdated and incomplete. However, I believe knowledge is power, especially when it comes to online games. It never hurts to know a little bit more about the game before you start.

Good luck with your gaming!

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