Make Money Online on Google Knol By Writing About Games

Make Money Online on Google Knol By Writing About Games

When I first started writing about online games, I have originally started writing guides on Google Knol. By personal experience, it does provide a money making opportunity if you are simply trying to get started writing about 1 or 2 game guides. Yet it should only be used as a starting point because the amount that you earn is heavily limited, my pages that took me 40 hours to write generated less than $3 from over 30,000 views over 2 months period of time.

Nevertheless, the guides written on Google Knol tend to obtain pretty good search ranking after a short period of time. Your knol posts would be able to get quite many numbers of search hits which means more visiting players will read your writing.

Let me explain a little about how Adsense money is made.
The majority of the AD money is made when people who are visiting your blog click on your ads. Although you do get some ads that will pay you based on number of “impression” or views, the amount is usually little to nothing. The most online money that you make is still through visitors clicking on the Ad’s. Therefore, you need to be able to write a lot of good content to be able to get interested readers who will read what you write. The more people who visit your Knol pages, the more people that will end up liking the Ads that Google serves.

Writing on Google Knol is a great place to get started with making money. If you do not have any experience starting a full on blog and do not have the time for it, you should definitely consider starting with knol. You do get some carry-over traffic from the regular Knol crowds plus the high search ranking. The easy formatting and setup will make your writing looks professional with great table of content generation. As you write more about the topic, you could link all your guides together to generate more page views from the online game players. Remember, more page views mean better money opportunities.

It should be noted that Knol is the less loved baby of the Google company. If you do not have an Adsense account yet, consider joining blogger first, write 1 or 2 original blogs and apply for an account. Then use the account for your Google Knol. If you apply for an Adsense account with Knol, it may take more time to get it approved. Through personal experience, my Knol Adsense account get approved after 2 months whereas my girlfriend’s blogger Adsense account gets processed within 3 days.

I hope you will be able to write some great guides and get rewarded for them financially!

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