Technical Writing for Games In Your Blog

If you are a techy guy who loves to play games while figure things out. You should share your knowledge while getting some nice blog traffic while making money. I will list out some of the ideas that you could share while gaining the traffic and monetizing your blog.

1. Hardware Testing
Write about the minimum requirements of games or even how well your system would run a certain game. When people are looking or starting a new game, they always want to know what kind of computing power that they need. If you have the technical knowledge and hardware equipment, you could do preliminary testing and provide your opinions in your blog.

2. Map Joystick to Gaming
If you have joysticks, you could write about how to implement those in the games that you are playing. For some side scrolling rpg’s or computer games, people are always trying to figure out how to put their gaming controllers to use. You can provide that knowledge by writing about your own technical experience.

3. Gaming Performance Improvement
Think hard about the things that you do to make the gaming experience better. Do you tweak your operating system or bios to make the computer goes faster? Do you change Windows settings to make the internet connections faster? Do you reconfigure your router, ip addressing, or even your hubs and switches? Write about the things that will make people’s gaming lives easier, and visitors will come flock to your blog or website.

4. Discuss Game Glitches and Vulnerabilities
This topic might overlap the dark side of technical aspect of the online gaming world. There will always be glitches and bugs while the gaming companies are developing their games. If you use your computer knowledge and power to find those glitches, you may either disclose that to the game companies or to the gaming community. However, the chances are that you will get on the companies’ bad side if you do choose to disclose it publicly, you may jeopardize your Adsense account if the company ever decides to sue you for their losses.

5. Tutorials on Private Servers
Share your knowledge about how to host private servers with modded game clients. When people get tired from the official server, they usually turn to these private servers to faster and free game play. You will gain an audience will you prove yourself to know what you are doing. However, same thing as glitches, you may get on game publisher’s bad side once you get popular. Be very careful about how you approach it.

6. Tutorials on Web – Wiki’s, Fansites, and Forums
With your experience with hosting wiki’s, fansites, and forums, you can teach others about how to do it right. The topics that you can choose to discuss could be how to code, host, or even fund these private websites. More private websites are popping up on a daily basis regarding various games, so players are always looking for resources where they can do it more efficiently and hassle free. You could provide that knowledge in your blog and get rewarded for your technical writing.

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