Money Making Ideas when Writing for Games

You want to earn some extra income by writing about what you love. Besides writing about guides only, there are some other ways for you to blog in the game sphere that will generate you some side income. Some of these ideas are not easy and they definitely take hardwork and creativity for you to succeed. Always remember, it takes hard work to build your visitor base, and as your site grows, your earning potential will grow as well.

Story Writing
Coming up with great fan stories are a great way to draw the attention of other fans. You could post a part of your story in the game forums and ask people to come to your blog in order to get to read the entire series.

Dialogue Writing
You could write about some of the dialogues that you would typically encounter in your online gaming life. If you write about something that your fellow players to relate to, you will be able to draw their loyalty and attention.

Technical Writing
Incorporate some of the major problems and tricks that players usually run into. Things might include how to map game keys onto controllers, avoid lags, and/or improve computer performance.

Consider writing simple How-to guides that teach beginners how to start a game. If you can make your guides clear and to the point, you will get consistent visitors who want to learn the ropes of the game fast.

Write about your personal views on specific games. As you have more experience with the various games, you will begin to see the patterns and become more efficient in your reviewing process. As more people stumble upon your review, you may eventually get more visitors who will come to your blog or website for advices.

Game Guides
Write about specific game guides on how to improve your character or how to beat a certain boss. Be very clear with what you write and straight to the point. Most of the time people are only looking for simple solutions to their problems.

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