Advertise and Promote Your Gameplay Videos

You have made a really cool video that you think players alike will enjoy viewing. However, no one is viewing it because they do not know about it. Below are some of the best ways to advertise and promote your videos that can be enjoyed by many people and at the same time will make you money.

1. Use Social Networking sites.
Consider posting your youtube video links on the fansite pages and even your pages. Use Facebook and Myspace.

2. Use Twitter
Use the hash words wisely and continuously tweet about your videos from time to time. Be careful not to tweet to much so that it is considered as spam.

3. Post on game forums
Advertise your videos on forums is a quick way to gather more video views to your videos. Do not get carried away if people dislike your videos. Always try to encourage yourself to make better and funnier videos.

4. Talk with fansites
See if you can get in touch with various fansite hosts and see if they can advertise your video for you. Typically if you have really great game play or game guide videos, they would include your video link on their sites if you do link to their site as well.

5. Advertise in game
Be careful not to fall into the “spamming” crowd that your server may be experiencing. Share your videos with your group of friends or guild mates, or even the people that you recorded the video with. Ask them to spread the word about your creations.

6. Use other publish venues
See if you could spread the word using other venues such as Gamefaqs, Squidoo, Knol, or even Yahoo Answers. The more you spread the word about your game play vids, the more likely that someone will stumble upon it somehow. So work hard to spread that link!

Always try to get more people to watch what you have posted. Remember, the more people that view your videos, the more popular that your online vid will be, and if you link the vid back to your blog…You will draw more visitors back to your blog which you will make even more money.

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