Gameplay Youtube Video Ideas

Do you plan on starting to post your cool game play videos on Youtube? Here are some of the ideas that can get you started.

1. Gameplay
If you are starting the game in closed beta, you could post some simple game play videos of beginner dungeons and bosses. The people who are interested in the open beta will visit your videos for ideas.

2. Walkthrough
For more complex dungeon runs that has multiple components, create a walkthrough guide that detail out which class should do what at specific times.

3. Boss Fight
Consider boss fights, these are the soul and purpose of most MMOPRG games. Share the thrill of killing that super hard boss with your fellow party mates. Post your loots and procedure on YouTube, you will most likely get views from the people who cannot beat the game themselves or not at your level yet.

4. PvP Duel
Record down your duels with another class or even the same class of your own. If you are famous in your server, or you could even fight the people who are famous in your server. Record down a couple fights and give a little opinions of your own such as why you lost and the reasons why certain skills are used. You will give great tutorials to the people who are interested in the PvP aspect of the game.

5. Mass PvP Fight
Record down the guild wars, nation wars, or even race wars of your characters, for thing like this, the more people that participated the better. People do like actions, make sure that you are strong enough so that you do not die often while recording ;p. People do not appreciate dead reporters.

6. Tip
Make a short video clip of tips that you might want to share specifically. It might be a part of the PvP duel, the boss fight, or even how to level up or get money faster. People are always looking for tips that will enhance their game play. It is up to you to share that knowledge and give people what they need.

Hope these ideas will help you create videos that will generate consistent money for you!

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