Legally Add Music to Your Youtube Video

If you have made some game play videos and are planning to monetize your videos with YouTube, you need to make sure that you comply with the copyright law so that you will not lose your earning in case the music companies ever complain about you when you make a ton of money! Below will be the steps for you to add some music to your game play videos via YouTube legally.

1. Youtube AudioSwap feature
You can legally add soundtrack to your videos from preselected list from YouTube

2. Log into your Youtube account and add the audio swap feature. Click on “Try AudioSwap”.

3. Go to My Videos and press the Replace Audio button.

4. Browse the song, you can know the song’s length here.

5. Preview the songtrack.

6. If you are happy with it. Publish

7. Note: Your video’s original soundtrack will be deleted once you choose to add a song via AudioSwap.

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