Soul Master Online Review and Game Play Video

Soul Master Online Review and Game Play Video

SkyBlue's Soul Master Online Review
Soul Master is a MMORPG that takes in the element of real time strategy games. You have your typically gathering the resources and build the buildings. Then you consistently build to get more units which can eventually kill of your enemies.

Various strategies can be implemented such as what units to get first, or what upgrades to get. You do control your main character as in a action RPG game which give it a fresh feeling compared to the other MMORPG's currently on the market.

There are no open world maps and most of the playing will be done in little scenarios such as mission maps and PvP maps. You can both play solo or with a team of players to get through the stages. There are currently limited numbers of classes that you can choose from and the level CAP is quite easily to be achieved.

Because of its combination of Real time strategy and action game aspect, the controls are different compared to the other MMORPGs. However, you can get hang of it pretty fast. The character development is very linear so it is easy to get started in the game without worrying if you are doing anything wrong.

In terms of graphics, this feels like an 3D anime inspired game which is cutsy.

At the end, if you are bored with the atypical quest games, or grind fest Massively multiplayer online role-playing games. You should definitely give Soul Master Online a try.

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