Zentia Online Review and Game Play Video

Zentia Online Review and Game Play Video

SkyBlue's Zentia Online Review
Compared to the other ChangYou MMORPG's. Zentia does have a different graphical style. Although it is going for a fairytale atmosphere with humor dialogue, some of the language used is for poor westernization. The game offers clean visuals with clearly explained quests.

You do have plenty of characters to choose from as well as a well thought out pet system that is similar to the other MMORPG's of this style such as Battle of the Immortals and Dragon Oath. The game also has auto path system which makes easy for you to complete the quests.

In terms of character development, it is fairly simple and easy to progress through the game. It is a good game for distraction from your other ones if you happen to get bored. I personally do feel that the PvP aspect is weak in Zentia as well.

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