Battle of the Immortals Review and Game Play Video

Battle of the Immortals Review and Game Play Video

SkyBlue's Battle of the Immortals Online Review
Battle of the Immortal features 5 different classes with unique skills and equipments. It offers auto-navigation which makes finding things easy. I think this is one of the common feature of Perfect World games. It is great for casual gamers who simply click, go get water for a drink. And come back to finish the quests.

It also have Soul Gear system which are armors and gears that bound to character which can be upgraded in various ways compared to the common gears. The game is pretty hardcore in terms of both PvP and PvE. The PvP is open so you could get killed anywhere. Although the random PvP penalty is quite harsh where you can go to jail. Then instance dungeon system is also fun where you are required to party with group most of the time.

Battle of the Immortals also offer quite a few events that require more than 1 person to complete, such as Astral Feast trials, race to dragon, and etc. Lastly, it has well thought out pet and mount system which offers players plenty of ways to customize their character setup.

One last note though is that this game is heavily biased on Cash Shop where most players can simply pay for power.

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