Simple Steps to Create the Best Guild Ever

Creating the best guild ever seems like a monumental task. It will seem a much easier thing to do once the steps are broken down into simple steps. Some of these steps are interchangible and you should work on multiple steps at the same time. However, try hard to hit all the key points that make up a great guild. With more and more guilds popping up in online MMORPG’s all over the place, guild leaders need to be ever more flexible and thorough in order to attract valuable players.

1. Recruit “key” Core Members or Officers
Before you even think about creating a guild, you should have a group of knowledgeable and enthusiastic group of players. These people including you will become the backbone of the guild.

2. Make Up a Name
The guild name is super important to let people know who you and what you stand for. You should opt out of choosing stupid names such as “I Suck”. Make up something cool such as Epic, etc. Use your imaginations.

3. Draft Guild Guidelines and Rules
Develop some rules that your guild will live by, make up rewards and punishment systems. Many guilds nowadays promot “no-drama” policy, make sure that you come up and execute the punishment if people do end up being dramatic in your guild.

4. Get Guild Symbol, Banners, Etc
If you are artistic or know someone who does, ask him/her to make a guild symbol for you. It should be something either related to the game, to the name of guild, or to you. Make sure that the symbols are pretty and artistic. Most likely your guild members will exhibit the symbol when they are in your guild, you do not want your members to feel embarassed about the signs on top of their heads.

5. Sign up for a Guild Forum
You could get a guild forum for you and your members. You could either go public or privatize your forums. Make the forums based on what you think you need. In the beginning of your guild life, I recommend you to start with public forum to draw in more members. You should eventually go private with your guild forums if your guild grows to a certain extend. You want to keep the key information safe within the knowledge of your guild members.

6. Obtain Secondary Forms of Communication
Create or find another preferred form of communication within your guild members. One of the most popular method is to have a ventrillo server, because your players would be able to chat while in game.

7. Consider Social Networking Websites
Consider using the social networking websites to bring your guild members closer to each other. The more that they feel that they are a part of the group, the more likely that they will play a lot which will both make your guild stronger and more active.

8. Execute Rules Fairly
As a guild leader, you need to live by the rules and guidelines that you have created. Make sure that you make sound judgements that are fair to all your members while being friendly is important. You do not want to be seem as a weak sauce who cannot make up mind, nor a tough punk who is a stiff ass who cannot be human.

9. Keep the Talents
Listen to the top players in your guild and ask about their needs. You cannot create the best guild ever when members are consistently leaving your guild or leaving the game. Be creative to find out ways to make them happy and keep the talents within your own guild. Your guild can grow stronger and faster with experienced and strong players.

10.Be Awesome
Having a guild in mmorpg is a social thing. One bad person in your guild can ruin your group’s reputation. Constantly remind your guild members what they stand for both for themselves and the guild. If everyone in your guild choose to be awesome no matter what they do in-game, soon enough your entire server’s community will think that your guild is awesome. Soon you will have people asking to join your guild left and right.

Final words:
Have fun with the game. At the end, it is just a game. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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