Player Life Cycle from Starting to Recovering

I stumbled upon this great post by Nick Yee, you should follow the link at the end of the post to read the entire post.

1. Starting:
The player has just started playing the game and everything is new and exciting.

2. Ramping Up:
The player has learned the basics and is now busy progressing through the content (whether leveling or crafting). They have a sense of where they want to be and are heading for that goal.

3. Mastery:
The player is at the higher-end of the game and is either well-situated in a guild and doing raids, or happily soloing high level quests, or competing in PvP content.

4. Burn Out:
The player feels like they’ve done everything they can do in the game, or they are beginning to feel burned out from all the raid and social obligations from their guild. They wonder where all the fun went.

5.Casual / Recovery: 
The player has figured out a way to play the game without burning out. They may be doing intermittent raids, logging in casually to play with friends, casually leveling alts, etc.

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