Make Money with Youtube Game Video

Are you awesome in the online game that you are playing? Do you consistently record down your game play and upload them to YouTube? You should use this opportunity to get some extra pocket change to further your in-game adventure. You will not be able to make a lot of money because your audience will be a little bit more limited compared to the other YouTube stars, but you can definitely earn some money from something that you already do.

1. Obtain an Adsense Account
First you will need an adsense account to be incorporated into your YouTube account. The best way that I think is to create a blog via and try to sign up for an adsense account from there. There are various other resources online that can teach you how to do it. Although you could simply write a few posts about your game before applying for an account. The process typically takes from about 1 week to 2 months.

2. Create the Youtube Video
Be careful when you do create the youtube videos. In most cases the songs are copyrighted and you cannot just add any songs into your video. To avoid any possible issues in case your videos do get popular in the gaming community, avoid putting copy righted songs in all of your videos in the first place. You could consider using YouTube’s Audioswap feature to add in some song tracks. Remember to link your adsense account with your game play video. Make sure that you follow adsense’ rules by not clicking on your own ads!

3. Possible Issues
You may still get in trouble if the game publishers ask YouTube to take your video down due to copyright infringement. However, typically they will not do so as long as you keep the public image of their games in good faith. It is still ultimately good PR to the game publishers.

4. Naming
Make sure that you title videos with the game name, the class. Make sure that you write the description well so that people can search it. Do not name your awesome video PvP at level 100. Spell out the name of the game, and even the abbreviations. The more details that you can give, the more likely that people can search for it and find it.

5. Advertise
Ask the people that you know in-game to check it out. Post it in game forums, in private forums, guild forums, any place that you know. Politely ask people to forward your videos to the people they know if they like it.

6. Make more videos
If you can make a brand of your self in the games that you play, the chance is that you can get more viewers who will browse through your entire list if they like it. So at this point, the more videos that you can make, the more ad revenue that you can make.

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