How to Get the Gaming Fund to Satisfy Your Addiction:

How to Get the Gaming Fund to Satisfy Your Addiction

1. Work
Work to get the necessary money. You want to get a great paying job so you can spend the least amount of time working. You could also consider working at night-shift hours in some non-demanding jobs. Sometimes you could use the “slow” times to level your character on the side.

2. Ask Family for Money
Ask your family for money and use them towards your online gaming fund. Make good use of your allowance money. Ask on special occasions such as your birthday, Christmas, and maybe even new years. You should only ask from family members that would not expect you to pay back such as your Mom and Dad.

3. Signing Up for Offers
Sometimes game publishers would partner up with various services. These partnerships provide offers that you can take advantage of, think if your family needs any of the services and get them to pay for it. You can reap the benefit of receiving the gaming funds.

4. Make Money via Writing
Write for article or websites, if you write for a game is popular and your articles gain traction. You could get quite a bit of visitors who will view your articles. Typically these sties will pay you a percentage of the money that they make.

5. Selling Your Gold and Characters Directly to Another Player
This method may be against the terms and conditions of most the online mmorpg. If this is allowed, you could figure out if there is anyway for you to trade your in-game belongings with another player. You can then use these funds to further your game play.

6. Selling Your Gold and Characters via a third party gold site.
This method is typically against the terms and conditions of most the online mmorpg. You should really use your discretion if you want to go this route. You may easily get scammed and your account may be banned if the game publishers trace the trading back to your account.

7. Selling the Things that You Have
Look your collection of real life things, see if you can sell any of them for a good chunk of change. Sell them either via eBay, local craigslist, ads, or even host a garage sale. Your junk may be another’s treasure and you can make some money off it to apply towards your game of choice.

8. Be creative and open to new opportunities
Always keep yourself open minded for other ways to make money. The more money that you can earn, the more that you can spend in game to get better gears and characters. Good luck!

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