MMORPG PvP Survival Guide

This is a generic guide that will guide you through the majority of the MMORPG’s on the market nowadays. These concepts will help you survive in the PvP aspect of the online games without losing any of your items. These tactics are used by PvPer’s throughout the gaming world, you could either become an elite yourself, or protect yourself from being killed in PvP.

1. Do Your Research
Read about any penalties of PvPing. Look into the forums to see if you can gain anything from PvPing. You do not want to lose all your gears or your items because you killed someone or stepped into areas that you should not have.

2. Upgrade Your Gears / Level Up
Upgrade your gears and level up so that you can kill others without trouble. Spend real money if you can afford it. The chances are that the top players have also spent money to boost their gears. You must also spend enough money and time in order to match with their gears. Although skills do come into play when PvPing, but only if gears are not too overpowered relative to each other.

3. Cash Shop Protections
Many online games now sell cash shop items that will either ease your crime points when PvP, or they will outright protect you from any item/gear loss when you die against other players. If you want to PvP hardcore, you must buy these items to prevent any accidents. Also in some games that if your crime points reach a certain level, the system may kill you. Having these protection items will protect you from item loss as well.

4. Consider forming mobs
If you only want to kill without being killed, considering forming a mob of players in groups of 2~3 players. Focus on hunting down the solo players. You will usually succeed in killing people of same level within your path. PvP is not about fair, it is about killing people without being killed.

5. Use System lag/glitches
Be aware of any locations on maps that usually cause player lags, use those to your advantage. One best example is that notorious PvPer’s typically camp spawn points where they will kill you while your system is still loading. Make these to your advantage to get some easy yet cheap kills.

6. Form Temporary Alliances
For temp alliance with other PvPer’s on your map against common enemies. It is the similar to forming mobs, however, these temporary alliances will be rewarding if you can form a team to kill any noises. These temporary alliances can prevent you losing your PvP reward if you and the other strong player kill each other. Then the undeserving observing player ends up getting the loot by killing the weakened winner.

7. Pull/Train Game Mobs
If you are a type of class that can go invisible and drop the aggressive mobs, consider pulling a train and dump the mobs on the PvPer. You could then show yourself and attack with the monsters. This can boost your damage output and can confuse enemy players where the damage is coming from. Lastly, many games will lower player defenses when they have a mob of monsters hitting them.

8. Have Teleportation Scroll/Skill Handy
When things go wrong, you want to be able to teleport out of hostile places. If the game allows, make sure that you have teleportation out available at all times. You do want to face a weakened player while the person is leveling/hunting, yet you do not want to fall prey yourself.

9. Always be Prepared
While leveling or hunting on PvP enabled maps, always watch out your HP/MP. You do not want to drain yourself completely while playing, the aggressive enemy PvPer may take advantage of that and come to kill you.

10. Play on PvE server
If worst comes to worst, just chicken out and play on PvE servers. Do not stress yourself out by playing on PvP servers even if it offers better bonuses. Enjoy the game, even if you do not like the PvP aspect of the game, find ways to go around it.

11. Plant Spies
Plant spies in places where they cannot be seen or killed. By having spies at various places, you know when and how to expect enemy PvPer’s. By detecting them ahead of time, you can plan your attacks by knowing what classes are the enemies.

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