Get Your Game Guides High On Search Engine

One major way of getting consistent traffic is by getting consistent search engine traffic. It is one of the easiest thing to do while it takes a lot of work and patience. You will also need some smart planning to get your game guides placed high on search engineers. I will share some of the tips that I have implemented on SkyBlueRPG blog. I currently have a consistent 30~50 visitors coming to my blog by search engines at this time of writing. I have started this blog completely new roughly 3 months ago.

1. Focus your Niche
Concentrate your blog by writing about various parts of the game. By having a healthy amount of keywords and information on your site or blog about the game. The search engine will be able to direct better traffic to you by various keywords that relate to the game.

2. Write multiple entries and articles
If you have a big article, plan on breaking them up into little pieces. Assign them individually with catchy and informational titles. Both search engines and users like to find their specific information fast and effortlessly. You will be rewarded by organizing the information for the search user and your visitors by doing that work yourself.

3. Be early in the game
Although your ranking can get reshuffled fairly fast if some other sites have become better than yours. The search engine does place some weight on how early your contents have been writen. On top of that, if you started writing and blogging about the specific game early on. More sites will likely to link to you because you would be the only resources. Search engines, specifically Google, places a heavy weight on the amount of links there are inbount to your site.

4. Repost Guides and Linkback to Your Blog
Consider writing some guides on other popular sites as as Knol, Squidoo, Gamefaqs, or even forums. You could then create links that link back to your own site/blog. You will be able to get spillover traffic from those places if people enjoy your writing. In addition, because those sites have established Google Page Ranking, your articles on those sites will usually be indexed high on the list. This will in turn help your own page ranking. I should note that I noticed Google Knol articles do get placed qutie high on Google search ranking.

5. Beware of Reposting Articles in Full
Think hard if you do decide to repost your articles on other sites. Sometimes search engines like Google may drop your particular article completely because the more popular one completely shadows you. Your ranking for the particular article that you have reposted may not show up on search list at all. I see those effects happening with a few of my Battle of the Immortal guides. Google Knol has sucked most of my guide’s traffic because I originally posted on Google Knol.

6. Use Clear URL’s
Use the name of the games in the URL of your webpages or blog posts. The search engine does place a heavier weight on its URL. In addition, by having clear URL’s, you encourage the visitors to actually click on your blog and read through your post.

7. Encourage Others to Link to Your Guides
By sharing your knowledge, you could also ask others to share and link to your resources. The more people that link to your game guides, the higher your search ranking will become. Spend the time to try to encourage others to link to you.

8. Do outbound link to relevant sites
You should include some outbound links to relevant sites. The good sites are the official game sites that you are covering, or other established fan sites. By having good relevant links, the search engines can better group you with the other sites. This will increase your search ranking when the search users look for specific keywords that relate to that niche.

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