Tips to Stay Awake While Leveling In MMORPG Game

To achieve the highest possible levels in your MMORPG, sometimes you simply have to sacrifice your sleep in order to also be able to tend to other life’s matters during day time. These tips will provide some guidelines to keep you awake so you have more time to level up.

1. Use Smell to stay awake
Use your sense of smell by taking a sniff from strong scents now and then. The type of scent that you may consider to keep yourself awake include: rosemary, eucalyptus blue gum, peppermint, pine oil, and coffee. If you do not have any of those handy, you could also use pepper powder with caution.

2. Massage Yourself to stay awake
Try massaging yourself with any of the following areas can potentially improve your circulation and ease fatigue. The trouble areas include: the top of the back of your neck, the back of your hands and your wrists, below your knees. You want to massage yourself in the areas that typically suffer the most fatigue from continuous sitting. Using your strength and help you stay awake to level longer and better.

3. Take a power nap and stay awake longer
Even if you plan on leveling all night nonstop, you should plan a 15-20 min power nap. The loss in leveling time is worthwhile because it can increase your alertness and effectiveness. You could consider downing energy drinks or coffee before and after you fall asleep for maximum effect. Also consider using alarm clock to make sure that you stay on schedule with your leveling plans by avoiding oversleeping.

4. Keep the Room Well-lit
Although it might be a little painful to your eyes, you could consider exposing yourself to strong and bright light. The light helps you body to stay alert because it will make your mind think that it is day light. You should get enough light bulbs to make your room well-lit.

5. Make yourself uncomfortable
If you are using a laptop or remote keyboard/mouse, it is tempting to start leveling in bed because it feels more comfortable. However, you should avoid making yourself comfortable if you want to stay awake to level longer. Try not to have pillows and comfortable surfaces where you can rest your head because you may fall asleep. You could also consider turning on AC or simply turn off the heat in order to keep the room cold. Cold temperature tend to keep people more awake.

6. Exercise in between your repotting runs.
Every now and then, stand up and walk around a little to keep your blood circulating well. By exercise in bits, it can help you stay awake to prolong your leveling sessions.

7. Avoid Eating to Stay awake
If you typically suffer food coma, you should avoid getting into a full stomach because you may doze off and quit leveling.

8. Consider Caffeine Powered Items
Drink caffeine powered stuff to make yourself stay awake longer. You could consider soda, energy drinks, coffee, or even pills to the extreme level. However you should be careful not to overdose on caffeine because it may pose a high risk to your health.

9. Listen to high beat background music
Turn off the game bgm’s if they are too mellow. Listen to trance or techno which can fends off the sleepiness. Consider turning up the music or use the headphones, a sudden jump in volume to jerk you up and keep you awake. Be careful not to listen to the music for prolonged period of time because it may damage your ear.

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