10 Tips to Stay Motivated to Level in Maple Story

10 Tips to Stay Motivated to Level in Maple Story

It is easy to get discouraged from leveling in maple story when you continue doing the same thing over and over. It happens to all of us and it is hard to stay motivated. What seperates the successful and unsuccessful maple story player is the ability to cope with these times of discouragement and boredom. Below I will provide some tips to help you stay motivated to level in maple story. These methods do not help you to level faster or easier in game, but they sure will help you last longer and enjoy the game a little better. Good luck in leveling!

1. Turn On the Music or TV
Listing to hours of the same maple story background music can drive the people around you crazy, including yourself. Change your environment a little bit, turn off the speaker or maple game sound. Turn on some radio, mp3 player, your tv, or even youtube videos. Keep yourself entertained while leveling may slow you down a little bit, but at least you will not quit leveling in maple story altogether.

2 Play At Your Own Pace and Stop Comparing with Others
Play at the pace and period that you feel comfortable without feeling bored and want to quit. Stop comparing yourself and your attention span to the other players around your. Do not push yourself to continue leveling if you are not really motivated. Doing so will only accelerate and increase your chance of quitting the game altogether. At the end, you should work to have fun while playing.

3. Change Your Game Pace and Map
Even if you are leveling with the best EXP benchmark in maple story, sometime it pays you emotionaly to change the setting a little bit. Go ahead and leave the map to hunt for some drops, party with people, do some PQ, or even merchant a little for additional money. Change your pace can help you stay motivated in leveling and extend your journey longer in maple story.

4. Take Breaks
Take breaks between your nonstop leveling sessions is essential to keep you going. Go out and watch a movie or grab a coffee with friends. By injecting a couple variances between your maple story leveling life and real life, you can become more motivated to level for more. It is like taking a little vacation and become recharged to continue with your maple story leveling.

5. Social with Your Support Network
Get some people to talk with you while you grind for exp can help you become more motivated. Join good guilds with high level players can help you stay motivated. Listen and talk to them to see the hard times that they have experienced. Make new friends by going around town and/or talk to others who are also taking break from leveling. Talk with the guild and join in on the conversation. They are great people to help you stay motivated in leveling for maple story.

6. Create Alt Characters
You could consider creating alt characters as taking a break from your main. The amount of exp level up for lower level characters is typically less and you can level those characters fast. By playing around with different aspects that the game has to offer, you can stay more motivated in trying to make your main character stronger.

7. Find Role Models
Find youtube videos of strong players in the other versions and your version. See what kind of potential that your character has, see what kind of fun and damage that high level characters can do. By learning more about your future potentials, you will be more motivated to level in order to achieve high levels so that you can enjoy the same fun.

8. Create Tangible goals.
Make goals for yourself as in how many levels and how much % you must get for each day. By creating tangible goals and achieving those goals ona daily basis, you will be more motivated to stay on top of your goals. You will feel that you are achieving your potential in getting the strongest maple story character possible.

9. Reward Yourself
Reward yourself when you achieve the goals that you have created. These rewards can be spend some money to get the x2 exp cards, get a new pet, or even get a real life coffee. You should come up with your own reward systems that you will feel fulfilled and motivated when you continue your leveling process.

10. Mess around a little
When worst comes to worst, you can always consider playing on a private server and experience super fast leveling. Playing on private servers do provide some pros and cons. However, by playing on private servers may further discourage you from leveling on the official server because it will feel ultra slow when you switch back.  It should also be noted that playing on private server is prohibited by the official maple story.

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