Positive Guild Behaviors that Should be Promoted

Positive Guild Behaviors that Should be Promoted
With some many guild available on your game server that you can choose from, you want to be able to enhance your game play with the eventual choice that you will make. Below are some of the good guild behaviors that you should try to observe from a guild once you join.

Partying Opportunity
One of the most important things you need is the ability to find groups to help you complete your quests, dungeon, and leveling in general. That's why most people join guilds. Find another guild if you have the people that you can group with are limited.
Good Leadership
A guild needs clear leadership and strong rules. Guild members undoubtedly will have conflits and issues at times. They need someone who can resolve conflicts and communicate well among the members.

Mature Leaders / Key Guild Officers
When players get power such as the ability to remove and demote guild members. They sometimes get a little out of hand and abuse that power. You should only join guilds with great leader and officers who are careful not to step over the line.

Although you should not join guilds purely to get free hand outs. Look for guilds whose members are willing to share items and help you get things. However, always try to give back to the guild whenever you can. Typically, a quality guild will offer items and discounts to their members.

Low Spam
Communication is key to keep all the guild members informed and chat at will. Find a guild that has decent chat rules or atmospheree that you enjoy. Depending on the guild that you choose to join, you may have to put up with a lot of garbage text, or you might enjoy reading those texts during your daily grinding. Find a guild with the chat environments friendly to your playing style.

Low Drama
Guilds have common problems with guild members fighting over party opportunity and loot splits especially during group hunts and raits. Join guilds with leaders who are able to handle these type of problems. Often times many people end up quitting the guilds that they enjoyed because of “too much drama”. Look or even create a guild of your own if your goal is not to fight over stupid things such as guild dramas.

Knowledge Base
Great guilds should have key members who are very knowledeable about the game. The knowledge and the enthusism rubs off on all the members and will eventually make the guild strong. Look for guilds which have long standing members who know very much about the game. These people can prove to be a great help to enhance your game play over time.

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