I am addicted to Leveling Up, Are You?

I am addicted to Leveling Up, Are You?

One major part that I love about MMORPG and RPG’s is the part of leveling up. I do not know about you, but I actually enjoy grinding for those lowly %’s per hour. As long as I still do it faster and better than my peers I am good xd. Below I discuss some of reasons why I am addicted to leveling up in the games that I do play.

1. Orgasmic Emotion During the 5 seconds of Leveling Up Animation

This period of actually “level up” gives me a rush and a sense of accomplishments. I enjoy this even more after like 20 hours of grinding for 5% per hour.

2. Full HP and MP

In most of the games, level up usually replenish all your MP and HP. I love having that and be able to continue killing more monsters. I especially love low levels and/or private servers for this purpose.

3. Sense of Progress

Looking at my level bar going from 100% till 0% and a level +1 gives me a sense of progress. I feel like hey, I am doing something great and getting that addional level!

4. Sense of Pride and Power

By comparing my levels to others, I feel prideful and in power. Leveling up has a sense of showing off xd. It is especially so in harder games where all the players surrounding you will give you a congrats! That little “grats” just add to my sense of pride. It feels like all my hard work would pay off.

5. Knowing that More Content and Quest maybe Unlocked

I love leveling up to the point where I know the next level up would enable me to go to new maps and new dungeons. I feel happy and excited to be able to get to the new places that the game has to offer.

6. Being at the top

Leveling up to the cap is like having a trophy to your name. I get to show off all my hardwork and enjoy the other things that the game has to offer…such as PvP and guild wars xd.

Above are the reasons why I usually get addicted to leveling up and grinding in all of the MMORPG that I play. What are your reasons? Please do share by leaving a comment!

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